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Our Services

Offering a range of high quality services working at height, Dawson Steeplejacks works on a number of different projects at any one time.

We work with commercial businesses, charitable organisations and individuals who need our very specific and specialist skills.

Lightning Conductor

Lightning Conductors

We install and maintain lightning conductor systems to BSEN 62305 2006 BS6651 1999 and BS7430 for earthing. Our work takes us all over the UK maintaining churches, cathedrals, abbeys, palaces, national trust properties and councils. Our engineers are trained in Irata to install lightning conductors using rope access.



Skilled stone masons carve new stone finials, pinnacles, copings etc to match the existing. Our masons fix these in place with skills handed down from the generations before.

Weather Vane

Weather Vanes

We have regilded many types including birds, fish, squirrels, galleons, animals and angel gabriels. Weathervanes were fitted in the 5th century as a watchful eye of the almighty, being the first to rise in the morning and the last to roost at night. One of the oldest ones we have worked on in Bristol dates back to 1655. We have also worked on one of the largest in Europe that is perched in Somerset. Very old ones in the 5th century used to have tubes fitted to their sides so that the wind when blowing through would make a crowing noise. This never went down well with villagers and were soon removed.